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SodaStream partners with Soda Press Co on DIY kombucha

Drinks business SodaStream has partnered recently with the Aussie company Soda Press Co. to produce an innovative product range of natural, reduced sugar soda syrups plus the Original Kombucha syrup which all can be used to create drinks at home with SodaStream’s sparkling water system.

The Soda Press Co. Kombucha syrup. Soda Press Kombucha ‘Original’ has a taste of traditional kombucha flavours with crisp apple and
juicy peach. It also has over 1 billion live probiotics per serve. The company said this is three times higher than most kombuchas and less than 1 gram of sugar/100mls.

“The healthy bacteria found in kombucha and your digestive tract absorb nutrients and fight sickness. Perfect when mixed with sparkling water and a dash of your favourite Soda Press syrup for a bespoke flavour which kids love too,” said SodaStream in a statement.

In the coming months, SodaStrean will launch a new drink, Cola Nut and Key Lime which can create 12 drinks (or under A$1 per serve).

“We know that Australians are continuously on the lookout for new refreshing, healthy drinks but not at the expense of the environment, so we’re excited to announce partnership with Soda Press Co. and the launch of its new organic Kombucha syrups crafted specially for SodaStream,” Mark Fenton, managing director of SodaStream Australia said.

“With Soda Press Co being an innovative company, we pride ourselves in applying the best of old and new techniques to create this new range of award winning Kombucha syrups. We’re a plastic free company and our bottles are 100% recyclable, going hand in hand with SodaStream being better for you and the planet,” said Cameron Romeril, founder of Soda Press Co.

Soda Press Kombucha is now available in Big W and via the company’s online stores.

*Article from Inside FMCG

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