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MeTea brings added caffeine boost to tea

Aussie business Cobra Digital has created a new tea drink, MeTea, that delivers a higher energy boost, but without the crash.

Gold Coast entrepreneurs Reuben Scheckter and James Strathdee are behind the new brand which they say offers the highest caffeine tea bag in the world.

“The brief for MeTea was to create a tea with increased levels of caffeine and a fantastic flavour,” said Lucas Ruzika, research and development of Me Tea.

“We researched the market and the best way to naturally increase the caffeine levels in the tea. From there we created a benchmark for what we wanted to achieve. We’ve tested both the dry leaves and the wet liquid several times. The final formula is bang on where we want it to be — it’s stronger than a cup of coffee and the effects are longer lasting,”

MeTea comes in two blends including Apple Anhui Green and Tropical Assam Black.

“For the Apple Anhui Green flavour, the tea leaf is sourced from Anhui in China, where it’s been grown for 3000 years. The tea is generally harvested in spring or summer when the content of polyphenols (micronutrients found in tea) is highest. During those months the leaf also naturally contains the highest levels of caffeine, because the plant creates more caffeine to defend itself from pests,” said Ruzika.

“The Tropical Assam Black tea is sourced from the biggest tea producing area in the world — Assam in India. For this one we’ve blended a combination of spring and autumn flush. The autumn leaf adds a richer, more complex flavour. It gives the tea a rich base of deep malt, wood, and wild honey. From there, the tea will show the other flavours that we’ve infused.”

“Tea is naturally high in polyphenols, and it’s those antioxidants which are associated with the health benefits of tea. MeTea also contains tea extract which has a more concentrated amount of polyphenols.”

Caffeine is a stimulant that contains polyphenols, which gives a longer lasting natural source of energy without the crash from coffee. MeTea is a natural, herbal, organic, non-GMO and sugar-free drink.

*Article from Inside FMCG

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