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Hungry Jack’s just released its best burger yet

HUNGRY JACK’S claims it has created “Australia’s Best Cheeseburger”, which the fast-food chain launched today. But you be the judge.

HUNGRY JACK’S this week launches what it says is its ‘best’ burger yet. And the food giant is making the huge statement that it is “Australia’s best cheeseburger”.

The Ultimate Cheeseburger boasts two beef patties (it also comes in a more dainty “classic” size with a single patty).

It’s finished off with two slices of cheddar cheese, sliced dill gherkins, ketchup and mustard on a brioche bun.

It seems that it’s the season for new burgers — this mega cheeseburger lands a week after McDonald’s announced the release of a new Big Mac for summer.

Hungry Jack’s enormous cheeseburger is the latest item to be supersized by the fast-food giant.

In October the chain was criticised for promoting $1 supersized frozen Cokes.

When that mega product was launched, nutritionist Susie Burrell wrote on “It might be good on the hip pocket, but it’s incredibly bad for the hips.”

She says the double-pattied cheeseburger is also a concern.

“The main issue with fast food, even ‘gourmet’ versions of traditional meals, is that they are exceptionally high in calories, fat and sodium,” she says.


  1. Hungry Jacks NO thanks
    maybe cheaper then good Old Maccas
    but you know what I rather Maccas any day

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