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Finally, there’s a pizza base that’s good for you and it only costs $5

Pizza can usually be found firmly at the top of many people’s favourite junk foods list. From its cheesy topping to its doughy base — there’s plenty of naughty ingredients found in our favourite hangover meal. But what if there was a healthier option, one that not only tastes good but can also be chucked in your trolley next time you’re at the supermarket? Thanks to some clever clogs at Coles, there now is.

Introducing the new sweet potato pizza base that as well as only setting you back $5 also contains a sneaky serve of vegies. According to the label, each base contains the equivalent of 75 grams of sweet potato and takes just 12 minutes to cook. And if you’re not a fan of sweet potato, there’s also a cauliflower option for you to choose from too.

Of course, you’ll need to be mindful of what you pop on top of it if you’re trying to watch what you eat, especially if you’re anything like me — half a bag of grated cheese is acceptable, right? Despite what many believe, pizzas can be a healthy meal choice. Sydney-based nutritionist Susie Burrell told the trick was to go for a baked pizza with tons of vegetables.

The average pizza slice that we pick up at food courts or order online is high in fat, salt and calories, which is the reason we feel tired, bloated and heavy after eating it. But Susie suggests if you want to try and make your pizza less naughty, you should make your own, meaning Coles’ new sweet potato base could be a great starting place.

If you are seriously craving the alluring smell of a fully loaded cheesy pizza pie, there’s a scientifically proven two-minute trick you can use to stop your fatty food craving.

Simply let your senses linger over that enticing fatty-food smell for two minutes, and you’ll suddenly find you’ve sated your appetite.

That simple technique is enough to make you feel satisfied without the calories and stop your tummy rumbling.

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