In order to have access to all our exciting content you must complete the lifestyle survey.

  • Joining

  • Can anyone join Shopper Social?

    Almost anyone! We just need you to be over 18 years of age for research purposes. You’ll also need to be a citizen or permanent resident of either Australia or New Zealand.

    Is this you? Sign up now

  • How do I register?

    Simply go to our register page and enter a few details about you and your household shopping habits. It should only take a few minutes. For security reasons, you’ll then need to click a link that we’ll send you via email to activate your account. And that’s it! You’ll then be able to login to your dashboard using the username and password that you set at any time.

    Once you’ve completed the first step of the registration, we then give you the chance to earn more points by sharing some information about your household’s buying habits (50 points) and letting us know how you feel about certain product or brand categories (another 50 points).

  • How do I login?

    Simply go to the Shopper Social homepage, and you’ll see an orange “LOGIN” button in the top right corner. Click this and you’ll be prompted to enter the username and password that you set while registering.

  • Can I have more than one account?

    No, and there would be no reason to! To get the most out of Shopper Social, we simply recommend that you fine-tune your profile as much as you can, and put your hand up for as many opportunities to earn rewards points as you can handle. We don’t like being too strict about these things, but if we do find that one user has multiple accounts, we’ll be forced to remove each account, along with all accumulated points.

  • Where is my verification email?

    If you haven’t received a verification email, please check your junk/spam folder. If you can’t find it there, please get in touch via email:

  • My Profile

  • Why do I need to complete profile questions about myself?

    Once you have registered, you will be asked to complete a second registration step, which includes some standard questions about you and your household and your buying habits. Complete these successfully, and you will earn 50 points. By filling these out, you’re essentially telling us which surveys you want to be receiving. We don’t want to send you anything that is not relevant to you.

  • What should I do if I forget my password?

    Click the “FORGOT MY PASSWORD” button on the login page and we’ll ask for your email address so we can send you a link to reset your password. Easy!

  • Points and Surveys

  • How can I earn points?

    We’re glad you asked! You can either earn points by enhancing your profile, completing a survey, or by successfully referring a friend (please note there is a limit of 30 friend referrals).

    Our surveys are fun and interesting and change all the time. A survey may require video feedback, an in-home test, participation in a discussion board, undergoing a shopper mission, or even taking a simple, quick poll.

    Every survey will attract a different number of points. We’ll let you know how many points are on offer before you get started.

  • What are points?

    Whenever you successfully refer a friend or take part in a survey with us you will earn points. You can also earn additional points (up to 100) when registering by providing us with more in-depth information about your shopping habits and brand preferences.

    For every 200 points you earn, you’ll earn $1 in Shopper Vouchers. These Shopper Vouchers are available in $20, $50 and $100 denominations and can be used at major Australian and New Zealand supermarkets. You can redeem a voucher as soon as you have enough points. You’ll be surprised at how quickly your points will add up.

    Points Cash
    4,000 $20
    10,000 $50
    20,000 $100

    Each type of survey attracts a different number of rewards points, and the specific number of points will often differ – depending on the scope and size of the task. We like to make things fun by ensuring you don’t receive the same style of survey each time. We will let you know at the start of each project how many points are up for grabs so you can decide if you want to take part or not.

  • Do I need to take part in every survey I’m sent?

    Definitely not! We would love you to complete as many as you can, but also understand that you lead a busy life and that sometimes there isn’t time! We won’t hold it against you.

  • Why am I not receiving any /many surveys?

    We’re all about giving you every possible opportunity to participate. It could be that the information you provided was very specific and that there simply aren’t any surveys that match your needs right now. If you would like to get more involved, you could try going to your personal profile and updating your preferences.

  • Why am I getting screened out?

    Some of our projects have very specific participant criteria requirements, which you’ll find out about as you go along. This is why you could be getting screened out for certain surveys. We know this can be annoying so we make sure you still get rewarded even if you don’t complete the survey.

  • Why can’t I complete surveys on my mobile?

    Our tech gurus have made sure the bulk of our surveys are available on devices big and small. However, some need to be completed on a desktop or laptop. When this happens you will be alerted at the start of the survey. If you’re using a handheld device at the time, don’t worry. Simply close the window and click the link again when you’re at a computer.

  • Referring Friends

  • How do I refer a friend?

    Click on the “REFER A FRIEND” option in the top navigation and follow the prompts. If you’re logged in and if your friend accepts your invitation and goes on to register, we’ll automatically credit your account with 100 rewards points to say thanks! Please note that there is a limit of 30 friend referrals.

  • Redeeming Points

  • How do I redeem my points?

    Your points total is shown on your dashboard when you are logged in. As soon as you have enough points, you can redeem a Shopper Voucher

    To redeem your points as a Shopper Voucher, simply login to your dashboard and hit the “POINTS” button. Select the type of voucher you want to redeem (either $20, $50 or $100), and as long as you have enough points in your account, we will send it to you via email. Easy!

  • Do I have to redeem my points when I have enough for a $20 voucher?

    Not if you don’t want to! You can keep your points accumulating until you have enough for a $50 voucher or even a $100 one – it’s totally up to you!

  • How can I see how many points I have?

    To see your points total at any time, simply login to your dashboard and hit the “POINTS” button. Your total number of points will be clearly shown.

  • When can I expect to receive my payments?

    We love giving out payments as much as you love receiving them, which is why you will be sent your rewards instantaneously. If you don’t get them, double check the email you provided when registering, as that’s where they’ll go.

  • I can’t claim a Shopper Voucher with my points. What should I do?

    If you’re having a problem redeeming a voucher, let us know right away. Simply contact us on and we’ll be in touch.