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Darrell Lea releases first chocolate product for first time in 92 years

Chomping down on a liquorice bullet is a quintessential part of Australian culture.

It’s right up there with avo on toast, vegemite sandwiches and giant mugs of Milo.

So if memories of tucking into a bag of chocolate covered liquorice pieces is bringing up fond childhood memories right now, you’re probably going to want to keep reading.

Darrell Lea has just released a brand new take on its classic confectionary snack, pumping their well-known goodies into blocks of chocolate for the first time in the company’s 92-year-history.

As well as creating a liquorice, the brands much-loved peanut brittle and Rocklea Road have also been transformed into chocolate blocks.

Since the new products hit the shelves several weeks ago, fans have been expressing their delight at the fresh take on the nostalgic treats.

Many are even claiming the new Darrell Lea products surpass the likes of chocolate giant Cadbury and even Arnott’s, which recently recreated its biscuit range as blocks too.

The brand has made no bones about the fact it’s competing for a slice of the chocolate sales pie, saying it’s “taking on the biggest names in chocolate, head on” with the new release.

Recently Arnott’s launched a range of chocolate blocks inspired by their classic biscuit range, including Jatz, Iced Vovo and the Scotch Finger.

As well as the spin on the old classics, Darrell Lea has launched three new flavour combinations, Fruitier & Nuttier, Peppermint Partytime and Caramel Craving.

Darrell Lea CEO Tim York said: “We make some of Australia’s favourite confectionery products and we knew these would translate perfectly into a block format.

“We also thought we could improve on a few great flavour combinations … so we did. It’s time the confectionery aisle got a shake up and we’re excited to be doing it. There has been a lack of well-made, quality products that are exciting to eat.”

The new Darrell Lea blocks cost $5 and are only available at Woolworths.

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