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Biorevive introduces new formula mouth ulcer capsules

Australian-owned natural medicine company BioRevive has launched a new formula for its innovative MouthUlcer capsules and revealed new look packaging for all its products.

MouthUlcer capsules now contains zinc, folic acid and vitamin C to support the immune system and heal skin tissue. The capsules, which can be taken orally, are suitable for people of all ages who regularly experience ulcers as a result of stress or vitamin deficiency.

The Biorevive range comprises naturally-derived vegan-friendly ingredients which include turmeric, ginger, willow bark and a traditional newcomer to the better known anti-inflammatories, terminalia.

“Our main goal at BioRevive is to help Australians maintain an active lifestyle, so  each one of our products is designed to help users continue their everyday activities through non-invasive and natural treatments,” BioRevive’s commercial director, Nick Crothers said.

BioRevive has also introduced a fresh look to its product range with simple, contemporary packaging that is easy to recognise at a retail level.

All BioRevive products are stocked at all leading Australian pharmacies and through the company’s online store.

*Article from Inside FMCG

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