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Best Family Activities These School Holidays

The school holidays are here! It’s so exciting having the little ones home, but after the first week it can be tricky to keep them entertained.

Here are the best family activities to keep your kids engaged while spending time together during the school holidays.

1. Go Karting

Go karting at realistic outdoor tracks is one of the most adrenaline-filled, memorable ways to keep your kids entertained as you spend time together. As long as your kids are aged 12 or over, you and your family can challenge each other to the ultimate high speed race with these karts reaching up to 75 km/hr. Go-karting is fun, exciting, and a great memory for your little ones to hold onto, especially if they beat you!

2. A day at the beach

Beach days are some of the best days of the Australian summer, and your kids will love them as long as you plan ahead. If you have very little ones, bring along plenty of spades, buckets, water-safe toys and inflatable swimming aids so they stay active and interested throughout the day. If your kids are a little older, bring ball games, water guns, cricket sets, and even floating basketball nets to keep them interested over a few hours. Don’t forget to pack a shade cover, rashies and plenty of sunscreen to make sure everyone is safe and comfortable in the sun.

3. Adventure playgrounds

Adventure playgrounds are dotted around Aussie cities, and can be a free yet fun way to play all together these holidays. Adventure playgrounds are often made by community volunteers and have rope obstacles, slides and swings. Why not pretend the ground is lava so you and your family have to make it from one side to the other without touching the ground? Your little ones will love it and you’ll all be ready for a nap in no time.

4. Trampolining

Spending time at a trampolining centre is a fitness challenge, so consider it a workout as well as a fun family day out. Great trampoline centers have everything from small tramps to super tramps and even foam pits to launch into, helping your little ones build up their confidence. While you won’t usually be able to jump on a trampoline together due to safety considerations, you can jump on the adjacent tramp so your entire family can enjoy this activity together.

5. Visit the aquarium to learn about reef preservation

As more of our reefs become threatened by global warming, teaching your little ones the importance of protecting the oceans has never been more important. Taking little ones to the Aquarium can give them a greater appreciation for the marine world, and help them discover what they can do to protect the oceans. You’ll learn plenty too, as many exhibits change regularly throughout the school holidays so you’ll always be learning something new. If you don’t live near an aquarium, head down to the water’s edge and find some rock pools. You’re sure to spy crabs, barnacles and at least a few fish to help your kids fall in love with the marine world.

These summer holidays, enjoy time with your kids as you try these exciting activities as a family.

*Article from Mouths of Mums

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