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Amplify Kombucha teams up with Boost Juice on new range

Amplify Kombucha has partnered with Australian smoothie and juice bar Boost Juice to bring a new range of kombucha-based drinks to consumers.

The KomBOOSTcha range contains organic, brewed kombucha blended with whole fruit to provide fibre goodness. Kombucha is known for its health benefits including probiotics, good bacteria and organic acids known to be good for gut health. Each of the blends are vegan, dairy free and wheat free.

The three new flavours Berry Lemon, Mango Orange Pash and Watermelon Lychee will be available for a limited time only.

“We all want to start the year off right, and we know healthy New Year’s resolutions play a big role in this,” said Claire Lauber, managing director of Boost Juice.

“The KomBOOSTcha blends are the perfect combination of delicious, seasonal fruit and good for you Amplify Kombucha, another option at Boost for people looking for a fresh and healthy alternative drink this summer.”

The new range will be available in all Boost Juice stores across the country until January 28.

*Article from Inside FMCG


  1. Would really like to see how they are going to balance this as Boost is ridiculously high in sugar and well Kombucha is the opposite.
    It seems to negate the purpose of drinking kombucha as a low sugar alternative if you are pairing it with high (natural) sugar content in fruit.
    I would assume that it would be a healthier alternative than mixing the fruit with fruit juice. Would love to find out more on the macros for this one.

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