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About Shopper Social

Shopper Social is a fun, new, online community of shoppers from Australia and New Zealand.

As well as a great way to get handy lifestyle tips and honest feedback on everyday products, Shopper Social gives you the opportunity to earn rewards points (which convert to Shopper Vouchers) when you get involved.

With Shopper Social, you also get to have a say. Your opinions will be shared across the network – so other members can make smarter choices when shopping – and you can even influence which products hit the supermarket shelves in the first place.


It’s quick and easy to get started

Joining only takes a few minutes. Once you’ve got a username and password, you can then start earning points right away (50, in fact) by taking a quick profiling survey. This will just be a few questions about your interests and your household’s shopping habits. There’s another 50 points up for grabs if you then go on and answer a few more questions about our current product categories. At any time, you can also earn rewards points by completing product or brand surveys, or inviting friends to join the network.


We’re all about you!

We know your time is precious, so we don’t bother showing you anything that won’t get you excited. After you sign up, we’ll ask you a few profiling questions to give us an idea of what you’re interested in. This means we can then provide you with tips, reviews and survey opportunities that are a perfect match. The more you share, the more helpful we can be.


What’s in it for you?

As well as giving you useful (and free!) tips, advice and reviews on a daily basis, Shopper Social also provides you with surveys, through which you can earn rewards points that you can redeem for generous Shopper Vouchers.

You earn points for providing more detailed profile information, and for every time you complete a survey. A survey could involve providing video feedback, taking an in-home test, joining a discussion board, going on a shopping mission, or even just taking a quick poll.


How many points can you earn?

The number of points that you earn is up to you! You earn $1 for every 200 points. The more detailed you make your profile, the more surveys you complete and the more friends you refer (limited to 30), the more points you’ll accumulate.

As soon as you have enough points, you can redeem them for Shopper Vouchers.

These vouchers are available in $20, $50 or $100 denominations and can be used at major Australian and New Zealand supermarkets.

Points Cash
4,000 $20
10,000 $50
20,000 $100

Who is behind Shopper Social?

Shopper Social is brought to you by a team of parents, expert marketers and research specialists. We are passionate about helping people make smarter, better choices when shopping. We’re always looking for new products and new ideas, and aligning your interests with brands that you will use and enjoy.


Kristina is a content creator and busy mother of two. She knows how hard it can be to bring healthy, kid-friendly meals to the table and to fill the days with creative play to help little ones learn. She presents fun and creative ideas for parents and DIY enthusiasts, and shares her passion for up-cycling and creating innovative homes and gardens.


Focused on providing you with a great user experience, Mark works tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure we’re bringing you brands and products that match your needs. He works with our community to gather feedback and provide you with ongoing opportunities to voice your opinion through polls, surveys, video blogs and product testing.


An experienced market research professional, Chris provides industry knowledge to the brands that choose to utilise Shopper Social for product feedback. He has established long-standing relationships with a wide range of brands, and he ensures Shopper Social gives you the opportunity to voice your opinion.


Marc ensures the surveys you take part in are easy and interesting to complete. He provides valuable information to our clients on how they may improve their products, based on the feedback you’ve provided. He’s also a father of three who loves craft, and he shares his creative ideas on Shopper Social.