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100% Pure Joy in 100% Cheese Crisps

Hi.. My name is Mia and I am a cheese-a-holic. I can’t remember when this addiction began but all i know is that I am the edge of my undoing. No longer entertained nor surprised by ANYTHING in any cheese aisle in my supermarket… I stumbled upon this gem in the biscuit section of Woolworths… yes.. you read right… BISCUIT SECTION !!!!
This tiny little 24gm packet contains the yummiest, crunchiest little cheese tidbits you have ever jammed into your mouth. The packaging is easy to put in your handbag, glovebox, desk drawer, under your pillow, in your gym bag… anywhere where you wish to hide these badboys because trust me you will NOT want to share.
Always Fresh has knocked this one out of the park. Go check out your local Woolies today and enjoy a bag or two of these yourself.


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